Are you a Self Employed Actor and stressed about your Taxes?

With Over 25 Years Of Entertainment Industry Experience,
Actor's Taxes specializes in preparation of Income Taxes and solutions for members of the vast entertainment industry.
Offering Free consultation and affordable rates! Over 95% of our clients pay less taxes the year they engage us.

Tax Time. It’s stressful and no one likes doing them especially if you’re self employed in the entertainment industry. Whether you are an actor, musician, writer, dancer, model or theatrical technician, Actors Taxes will tailor your tax returns to ensure that you secure as much of a refund as you are entitled to, taking advantage of each and every deduction, or if you owe, making sure that you pay only what is due the government and not one penny more.

The Rules have changed... What about your Tax Strategy?

In 2018, the tax code changed favorably for properly set up self employed individuals. Many, like yourself, don’t realize they should be operating as a small business. Even if you receive many W2 tax forms with deductions, you are your own small business and should be treated as such. You need to be properly setup to take advantage of the new rules, if not, you are paying more than your fair share in taxes.

A large portion of tax professionals are trained to handle individual taxes or big corporate taxes, and they do that very well, however, even though you may be incorporated (S-Corp or other), they apply the individual rules to your business which means you end up paying more in taxes.

In order to capitalize on the new rules and reduce your tax burden, you need a different approach. Here’s why:

  • The Tax Code Changed Favorably for You, the self employed actor
  • You are a small business and should be treated as such
  • Costs of incorporating has plummeted
  • You need a Tax professional with Corporate and Small Business expertise

Many individuals view all of this as a stressful huge burden and it shouldn’t be - we’ve helped thousands of people just like you to reduce their stress and their tax burden.

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We strive to provide Our Clients with Top Notch Support to make their Tax Experience Wonderful

You are not Alone, Actor's Taxes has a solution

We were founded on a simple concept - to provide affordable accounting and compliance solutions for the Entertainment Industry. Beginning over 20 years ago, The firm was originally founded by Mr. Marc Bernstein, (the author of the famous “Actors and Income Taxes” column in BACKSTAGE), and has become known by many in the theater community as the foremost authority of taxation for people in "the business", as well as for expert service and reliability.

We can work with you via U.S. mail, phone or email, or if you prefer, you can visit us in our office in one of our offices in NYC, LA or Las Vegas.

  • 25+ Years of Experience
  • Affordable Rates
  • Free consultation
  • Full Suite of Services designed for you & your profession


Providing financial information to our clients in a timely and accurate manner is a commitment that we feel cannot be compromised. ... Our firm provides a full range of accounting services, including the following: General ledger & financial statement preparation.

Tax Compliance

The complexities of the Internal Revenue Code combined with the ever-changing client environment, makes assisting clients with tax compliance a constant challenge. Whether working with federal or state issues, domestic or foreign matters, or individual or business clients, Actor's Taxes has you covered!


Choosing between LLC, Partnership, Corporation or S-Corporation is often an early mistake made by most freelancer, independent and self employed. Don’t be fooled by internet services that offer incorporation. Having an LLC and not knowing how to use it is like buying a car with a manual transmission and trying to drive it in a race first time. We will not only execute the entire process for you but will support you in using it to minimize your tax burden and complying with State annual filings


With proper bookkeeping, companies are able to track all information on its books to make key operating, investing, and financing decisions. Through our proprietary system, we will automatically get your financial information directly from your banks and credit card accounts making this process very easy to navigate.

Audit Resolutions

Being selected for audit is never a fun process. Even when you win a no change result it is often costly and frustrating. At Actor's Taxes, we fully support our clients with a proprietary service allowing a client for a small fee purchase "Audit Representation Insurance" so if you are the unlucky one we will use all our resources to fight for you at NO charge for our time and efforts.


Many problems are created by not communicating timely with your Tax Professional. At Professional Tax Alliance we never bill for questions and advice. We encourage communication to assist in decision making. Making more income is great but without a plan you might be sharing too much with the government.

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We strive to provide Our Clients with Top Notch Support to make their Tax Experience Wonderful

Why should you choose Actors Taxes to do your taxes?

1. Does your tax consultant really know your profession?

Actor’s Taxes specializes in the entertainment industry with knowledge and expertise in over eighty theatre-related deductions. We believe in paying your fair share of taxes… but not a penny more!

2. Is your tax consultant reachable and reliable?

Our company has served the theatre community for over thirty-seven years. We are available not just during the tax season, but all year long for questions, advice and guidance including communications you may receive from the government regarding your tax situation.

3. How valuable is your privacy?

We insure both your privacy and security by utilizing state of the art practices to prepare your tax returns and financial statements.

4. Is accuracy and correctness important to you?

We utilizes the most modern and well-respected professional tax software available in the industry. That, in concert with an elaborate system of checks and rechecks, gives you the confidence of submitting a sound and accurate return.

5. What if your theatre company travelled to ten different states last year? Will that be a problem?

Not for Us. Our Services include preparation of both Federal and all required state returns (including each reciprocal state credit) for the same cost.

6. You haven’t filed income taxes for several years. What can be done about that?

We can help you get current with any previous year tax filings and help you with those nasty letters.

7. What about all those credits you may be eligible for?

We will consider each and every one including the Earned Income Credit, Resident and Foreign Tax Credits, American Opportunity and Lifetime Learning Education Credits, Child Tax Credit, and the Credit for Child and Dependent Care.

8. Are convenience and flexibility in scheduling important to you?

We offer an array of methods to get your taxes done. From personal “in person” appointments, to drop-off or mail-in services, Our office will do everything it can to accommodate your scheduling needs including Saturday appointments. We know very well that an actor’s schedule is subject to last minute changes. We will make every effort to adjust our schedule to meet yours.

9. How about the cost of such a service?

Rates for tax preparation are both affordable and reasonable. Quality of service is paramount for us. The finished product assures the axiom that we have held for over twenty fivexs years… A Good Tax Man Never Costs A Penny!